About me

Who I am, why I'm involved in UAS, and what this blog is designed for.

My name is Mike DiCosola. I'm a first generation Italian American that was born in the U.S.A.  I'm a Lewis University student who came to the University in 2018 as a transfer student who is double majoring in Aviation Management and UAS.

My interests in UAS/UAV started in 2014, when I became aware that UAS was being successfully deployed for Military use, for some time.

Like most Military used technologies, I believed it would eventually become useful for both commercial and industrial applications.

I decided to look at the possibilities as if there were no inhibiting or prohibition factors that would prevent a properly thought out UAS/UAV service and use in the Commercial, Industrial and Municipal arenas.

Once I did that, the next step was to design and create, what I believed a sound, safe and secure infrastructure would be around it, in order to support such services and uses.

Before I came to Lewis, I had filed several utility patent applications related to UAS/UAV, designed several dozen trademarks related to UAS/UAV, and have made over 100 website domains related to UAS/UAV. 

My site is designed to keep up with UAS events while working in conjunction with my UAS class.  



Mike DiCosola



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