My Biggest Take Away From UAS Ops 1.

When I think about this subject, I can go through all kinds of topics on technical design and or operations we discussed, but I want to look at this from both a student and entrepreneur general perspective.

The fundamentals of UAS are not so fundamental. There are a wide variety of subjects that must be considered when participating and or engaging a UAS development project and or UAS deployment.

The Part 107 is a great way to get your feet off the ground with the legal use of UAS operations. However, it is not the end all be all, of the wide breath of vertical market subject matter that can and should be considered when pursuing a career in UAS. From civilian private and public use, to the use through the various arms of the military branches, there are a plethora of information and uses that one should consider, when narrowing down her/his specialty.

Manufacturing has several issues of importance as well. For example, one must take into consideration several legal concerns at a domestic level, which can be further broken down into federal, state, county, and village municipalities. International concerns will come into play when involving other countries for both products and services related to UAS. Interoperability, manufacturer of origin, parts & operation certifications, system ground testing, and qualified staff, will all take a key role in the development and manufacturing for UAS for commerce.

What I have taken most from this class however is the importance of both civilian and non-participating bystander safety, throughout all categories of UAS. In addition to this, the consideration of a UAS degree to get into the UAS industry, as a well informed and trained professional, is a far more appropriate method of entry than someone who simply goes out to a third party 3 day event company, simply to pass the Part 107 test.

I can also say that I unexpectedly enjoyed the Blogs that we were required to do. We were charged with the responsibility in creating our own blog site and doing our own due diligence related to subject matter for that specific week’s topic of interest. It allowed for me to be creative in my research and selective in my blog article, but also helped me see the value in building a blog for the future viewer who may have an interest in my company and or services.

Thank you for a informative class in UAS Ops 1.


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