Why UAS? Why Lewis? What do I Want to Achieve?

What interests me in the unmanned industry is all the private and public sector possibilities that will create many vertical market services that did not exist, it will improve on services that do exist, and can provide enhancements in our life on so many levels. From delivery services to saving lives, the technology can be put to good use for everyone.

In order to achieve these new opportunities with the least amount of negative results, there must be a universal codification system in place that allows for the proper rules, safety, monitoring and security of the UAS industry at large. Which includes jurisdictional authorities to enforce it where applicable.

How do we achieve such a mammoth task is equivalent to asking how do you eat an elephant? The answer, one bite at a time. Learning about industries and systems already in place that are considered well settled practice and successful solutions, such as commercial aviation and National Air Space (NAS), are a memorialized and proven foundation to start from. Adopting these practices and modifying them where applicable in relation to UAS, is what will help this wild west infant industry push forward in bringing the Jetson’s to the 21st Century and beyond.

Lewis University has both Aviation Management as well as UAS degrees. They have an airport to learn from and professors formerly and actively working in their specialty field of choice. They are known as a very credible and long lasting aviation college.

My participation in these classes provides for university level credentials and credibility in the field. It does not just entail a 4 day $1,500.00 certification class. It separates the industry degree from the private instructor certification. Something I want to do to as an active supporter related to the importance of a degree in the field. Not to say private certifications are bad, since they are actually a good start for future entry level unmanned PICs, which is no different than going to private airport and asking to go through their instructor classes to be private pilot certified. But there is a big difference in know how once educated at a university level. I believe it is just as important to provide a scholastic education and a uniform structure in unmanned aircraft as it is in manned aircraft’s, in procedure, safety, education, and in infrastructure.

What I wish to achieve in taking unmanned classes at Lewis, is to help be an example to anyone that wants to take this field seriously. I want to be a part of the solution to this wild west mentality by helping introduce new intellectual technology and innovation for the infrastructure creation to the UAS Industry, in order to catapult vertical markets and to protect people and its use in the public at large. This is a credential society and having the accolades to support my goals is what will bring credibility to what I want to achieve.


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